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Innovative apparel technologies for tough environments and extreme temperature


Phase Change Cooling
Constant temperature

Phase Change Cooling icon
  • Insert CoolPax into a freezer or ice water for 30 minutes
  • Provides cooling for 3-5 hours
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All the benefits of Evaporative
& Phase Change Cooling

Hybrid icon
  • 5-10 hours cooling power
  • Constant 14°C for 2-3 hours
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Air Activated Warming
HeatPax™ inserts

Thermafur icon
  • Simply remove HeatPax from packaging to activate
  • Constant 57°C for 6-8 hours
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Battery-powered Warming
Vests, Jackets & Gloves

IonGear™ battery-powered warming icon
  • Built around rechargeable Li-Ion batteries & carbon elements
  • Lightweight & easy to use
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