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Hybrid Cooling Products

Our Hybrid products give you the ultimate in cooling relief.

Our Hybrid products combine our two most popular cooling technologies for longer lasting cooling: HyperKewl™ and TechKewl™.

Our Hybrid products are used by some of the world’s top athletes for pre-cooling, cooling during activity and post-cooling for faster recovery.

HyperKewl™ & TechKewl™

Our Hybrid range of products use both our popular Evaporative Cooling and Phase Change Material (PCM) technologies, making this a robust solution to personal cooling of the body.

TechNiche hybrid cooling vests and apparel are used by: KTM Red Bull Factory Team, Honda World MX Team, Herock Motocross Team, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team, Wim Vanderheyden, McLaren Formula 1 Team, Ferrari Formula 1 Team, Alex Taglini, Team Saxo Bank (Alberto Contador), Dutch National Football Team, US Olympic Cycling Team and Military all over the world.

Hybrid features

  • All the benefits of Evaporative and Phase Change cooling
  • HyperKewl™ provides 5/10 hours of cooling
  • TechKewl™ & CoolPax™ providing 2/3 hours of constant cooling
  • Ideal for both dry and humid heat
  • Use for pre-cooling, during and post-cooling activity for faster recovery.

Where are our products used?

  • Sports market
  • Industrial market
  • Military market
  • Medical market
  • Pet market
  • Equine market
  • Motorsport market

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