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Phase Change Cooling Products

Enjoy consistent cooling with TechKewl™ Phase Change Cooling technology and CoolPax™

TechKewl™ is our incredible Phase Change Material (PCM) system. It uses a non-toxic carbon-based liquid that freezes at 14°C and remains at that temperature for 2-3 hours.

Simply place PCM CoolPax™ inserts in freezer or ice water for 35/40 minutes and insert into TechKewl™ garment pockets.

TechKewl™ products

A wide range of products use TechKewl™ Phase Change technology from cool vests for sport (sometimes known as Ice Vests) to cooling neck bands and brow coolers. Even dog beds!

To find out more about our Phase Change Cooling products then you can visit our online retail shop or download our latest Phase Change Cooling product list.

TechKewl™ features

  • Inserts will remain at 14˚C consistently for 2-3 hours
  • 30% lighter than ice vest systems
  • Takes 35-40 minutes to activate
  • Inserts made using Phase Change Material (PCM)
  • Ideal for tunnels, factories and foundries
  • The perfect solution for enclosed environments

The Science

Phase Change diagram

A phase-change material (PCM) is a substance with a high heat of fusion which, melting and solidifying at a certain temperature, is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy.

Heat is absorbed or released when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa; thus, PCMs are classified as latent heat storage (LHS) units. TechNiche uses phase change material for cooling.

Where are our products used?

  • Sports market
  • Industrial market
  • Military market
  • Medical market
  • Pet market
  • Equine market
  • Motorsport market

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